Security Services

Penang Port Police provides 24-hour surveillance at all entry and exits points of our various facilities.

Penang Port Police maintains a safe and secure environment, enabling our customers to conduct business in an environment which is safe, secure and free from disorder or conflict.

Equipped with Auxiliary Police powers, Penang Port Police have the same powers, protection and privileges as all other federal police force in other prescribed areas. Our commitment is to return to our customers a product of value which is delivered by men and women of integrity in an environment where fear of crime is non-existent.

  • ISPS Code Compliance
  • Complies with all national legislation and guidance
  • Restricted and controlled access to the terminals
  • 24 hours in-house security with auxiliary police powers equipped with fire arm
  • 24 hours emergency response team
  • Surveillance System and equipment at all terminal
  • Supported by Marine Police and Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agencies for waterway patrolling at port limit area.