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Passenger traffic is handled at the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal located on the island of Penang. Penang’s natural charm as a holiday haven filled with many tourist destinations and beautiful beaches coupled with wonderful food has made it a magnet to tourists from all over the world.

The Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal is the latest terminal in Penang Port having opened in 2010 after a major rebuild. It has a main berth that is 400 metres in length with a water depth of 12m capable of handling the largest cruise vessels in the world. It also has 2 inner berths i.e. north and south. The north inner berth has a berth that is 248m in length (maximum size of 160m ship) with a depth of 6.5m while the south inner berth is 219m in length (maximum size of 100m ship) with a depth of 5.5m. Both these inner berths are used for smaller passenger vessels. The Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal has a main terminal building that is equipped with an aero-bridge for fast and safe embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

2010 saw Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal handling nearly 1.1 million passengers. This grew by 17.6% to become nearly 1.29 million passengers in 2013. The bulk of this traffic came from the popular “Cruise to Nowhere” which is offered by cruise operators such as Amusement World and Star Cruise who is the anchor tenant at Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal. Nearly 64% of the passenger traffic came from the “Cruise to Nowhere”. Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal also caters for ferry services that ply between Penang and places like Langsa, Acheh in Indonesia and the islands of Langkawi and Pulau Payar in the northern state of Kedah.